Blood Donation Routine on PT. SEAPI
  Apr 22, 2015

On 22 April 2015 Date PT. SEAPI hold blood donation activities in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross Branch Bandar Lampung as a form of social action of humanity. Blood donation is also one of the regular agenda PT. SEAPI annually. The activities carried out in the Multipurpose Room PT. SEAPI, Bakauheni and followed by all employees of PT. SEAPI.

Blood donation takes place from 09.00 am to 13.00 pm. This time period is adjusted to the activity of blood donors own procedures requiring blood from a donor who has not been much activity. In addition, prospective donors are also required to comply with certain medical requirements when it would donate blood. Which include blood pressure and ideal body weight, adequate sleep time, not in a state of menstruation, no disease, and not taking the drug minimal since the previous day. From data collected over 70 bags of blood that successfully qualify.

Aside from being a form of concern, to donate blood as well as efforts to keep a healthy life.