Charity Program PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries
  May 18, 2015

Charity program PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries and FSPMI cordinators was held on Saturday May 16, 2015 ago. The event begins promptly at 6:00. The first event is a mass circumcision. Housed in clinic PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries mass circumcision was treated by medical personnel who are experienced.

The participants came from the public mass circumcision environment around PT. Bakrie Pipe industries. Screams and cries sounded in mass circumcision which has become an annual event. Participants mass circumcision get gifts and medicines free of charge. After the mass circumcision completed, followed by compensation to children orphaned and the elderly.

Compensation implemented in several separate places in the environment around PT. Bakrie Pipe industires. By represented by some committee together with HRD chief Indra Purnama, the committee visited each RW to hand over a symbolic compensation. The enthusiasm shown by the participants in each RW compensation committee visit.

Number of participants:
The number of children in circumcision: 20 People
Number of children Orphaned: 284 People
The number of elderly people / duafa: 362 People

Hopefully with every year of its activity can increase the sense of awareness of employees of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries to the communities surrounding environment and strengthen the relationship between the employees of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries and communities surrounding environment.