CARE - for the community, PT SEAPI
  Apr 23, 2015

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world in a big way. Currently (11/9) the number of Covid-19 cases has touched more than 28.3 million cases based on data from Worldometer Info. In Indonesia itself, the number of Covid-19 cases continues to increase. Even now (11/9) the increase has reached 3000 cases in one day, until the current total has reached 207 thousand cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia based on data from The condition of the Covid-19 Pandemic has a very bad impact on human health, not only that, but a weakening economic condition has caused many people to feel the bad impact of this pandemic. The impact of this pandemic is not only felt by developing countries, even developed countries are also feeling the bad effects caused by this pandemic. All countries are struggling to recover from the conditions caused by COVID-19.

We can see how the government's efforts to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic carefully. Many things have been done by the government in helping people affected by COVID-19. We are aware that dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic must involve all parties, not just the government. PT. SEAPI is aware of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which cares about environmental, social and economic conditions, especially around the company.

PT. SEAPI has the SEAPI PEDULI program which is part of CSR or corporate social responsibility. This program is based on the company's sense of concern by seeing first-hand the condition of the surrounding community affected by COVID-19. SEAPI PEDULI has an initiative to help ease a little of the burden that is received by the surrounding community. Distribution of groceries (1/9) to the surrounding community which involves village officials directly so that assistance is provided on target. The assistance provided is not only in the form of basic necessities, but also masks that can be used by the surrounding community in their daily activities. Residents around the factory also received education about the importance of wearing masks in every daily activity.

Seeing the smiles and happiness of residents who received assistance in the form of basic foodstuffs became a motivation for PT. SEAPI to continue to have a positive impact on the company for local residents. As for the response from one of the local residents, who expressed his gratitude to PT. SEAPI for help amid this pandemic. "Thank you for your help which lightens our burden. We hope that the CSR of PT. SEAPI can continue to be implemented to improve the social and economic conditions of the communities around the factory, "he said happily.